Mrs. Lisa Lee

Mrs. Lee's Preschool

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Welcome to our preschool program! Your child will enjoy a fun-filled year of learning through play, learning important social skills, as well as academic skills.

We will enjoy reading books, singing songs, and reciting nursery rhymes. We will develop early reading skills, like identifying letters and their sounds, identifying beginning sounds and rhyming words. We will develop a love of reading. We will become writers, practicing writing our name and other letters, drawing pictures, and creating books. Our students will learn math skills, like counting, patterns, graphing, sequencing, and comparing groups (more/less). We will explore science concepts through experiments and using our senses. We will learn history and social science lessons, such as families, community helpers, and citizenship. We will be creative with arts and crafts and explore music and instruments. We will practice and improve large motor skills through outside play and music/movement activities. We will develop important social skills, such as following rules, sharing space and materials, having classroom jobs, and taking turns.

The best thing you can do to help your child succeed is to read every day. Students will have weekly reading activities to complete at home. Ask questions about what was just read and what they think will happen next. Stop during reading to explain new vocabulary words with a simple meaning. Relate the events or characters to others that the child has experienced. 

As a reminder, much of the magic of early childhood comes from allowing for moments of unstructured play and learning from experiences at home. Enjoy being a play partner and help develop higher level thinking skills by asking open ended questions (like "How did you make/build that?").

Thank you for sharing your child with us! We look forward to an amazing year of preschool.

If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at [email protected].


Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Abby, and Mrs. Pam