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School Nurse: Jessica Haefer

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”

— John F. Kennedy

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019! I hope you all had a restful and fun break and are ready to leap into the new year. Please remember that we are now in cold and flu season. The flu is starting to be ever more present in the news. If you have not gotten flu vaccines for you or your family yet please contact your primary care provider or the health department to schedule at time to get that ASAP. There have already been flu related fatalities in the country this year. As of December, the CDC is reporting that the bulk of our flu numbers are being driven by illness in school-aged children, and the bulk of hospitalizations are for the population 5 years old and under. Virginia reached the "Widespread" flu activity level by the end of December. Please protect yourself and those around you!

- Get the flu vaccine if you haven't already.
- Wash you hands frequently- after using the restroom, after coughing/sneezing/blowing nose, before and after eating, before touching your face, and any other times you feel they could be dirty. 
- Cover your coughs and sneezes and teach children to do the same. 
- Wipe down high traffic surfaces with a product approved to kill bacteria and viruses. Think of things like telephones, cell phones, key boards, tablets, counter tops, door and drawer knobs, and sink faucets. 
- Avoid known sick contacts as much as possible. If you are sick please avoid venturing out unnecessarily to prevent the spread of illness. 

When you encounter illness you may need to determine if the symptoms are indicating the flu or a cold. Please reference the chart below from the CDC to help guide you. If you suspect you or your family member has the flu please see the doctor ASAP. Antiviral medications are an option for treatment but there is a limited time window in which they are effective. 

Is it a cold or flu?

 Medication Administration Reminder:

If your child requires prescription medication to be administered at school, please request a labeled bottle from the pharmacy for the school clinic. Any medication (prescription or nonprescription) to be administered at school must be in the original container and a BCPS Authorization to Administer Medication form completed. Students taking medication for the first time need to be with their parent/guardians for the first 12-24 hours.

 A fever of 100 degrees or higher indicates that some infectious process is at work. Even if there are no other obvious symptoms, please keep your child home. They should be fever free for 24 hours (without anti fever medication) before returning to school. Fevers are often higher in the afternoon and evening than in the early morning hours. 

Repeated diarrhea and or vomiting within the past 24 hours are another reason to keep your child home from school.  

Attention parents of students with asthma and reactive airway disease (RAD). We are now in cold and flu season full swing. If you have not brought in a care plan and inhaler/nebs for your child please do so ASAP! We need these items in the clinic to effectively care for you child. I am happy to assist with getting these items here in any way that I can. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Haefer, School Nurse


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